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Cherished Time

Time. 🕰️ It’s what we want most. But it’s also what we too often waste.🕒In a conscious effort to cherish precious time, my brother and I recently took a week to spend with our parents. We decided to visit our home state of New Jersey together (none of us live there anymore), booked an AirBNB on the beach, and proceeded to put 1200 miles on our rental car driving all over the tri-state area to visit friends, relatives, and the places where countless memories were made in our earlier years. 👫🏽👭🏼🏞️🌊

In more ways than one, this was the trip of a lifetime - our lifetime. ✨ One of the most touching experiences was for my dad. After a ˜30-year career in the Bell System, he became a high school math teacher. ➕ X=🧮This was not a second career, but what he was destined to do in what he would say, were the best years ever. While my brother and I benefited from my dad’s incredible ability to teach, truth be told, his #impact goes far beyond us - across generations of students, educators, and professionals. We were able to take him “back to school”, where he spent 14 out of his 15 years as the famed Dr. Chow - where the saying “Chowculus” was coined, while becoming the oldest guy in the entire school system at age 80. 👏🏽

#Priceless is the word that comes to mind when seeing the #Joy on my dads face as well as the joy on the faces of his former colleagues.🤗 Upon reflection, it’s perhaps prophetic that my #rewirement has some similarities to my dad’s.⛓️I can only hope that this will be true in the years to come. I suspect that many of us aspire to have impact and leave an enduring #legacy like my dad, whether personally, professionally, or both. What do you think? What does impact and legacy mean to you?

Thank you to the people who helped make this reunion possible. And thank you to all who, over the years, meant and mean so much to my father. I will forever be grateful. 🙏

“The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.”~Stephen R. Covey ⌛

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