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Anne has been inspiring readers for well over a decade through her written work. Early in her career, she would have never anticipated her passion for communications, considering herself an extremely shy and introverted engineer. She discovered her inner writer when blogging became a thing, and was seeking an innovative way to reach her thousands of employees who spanned diverse generations and geographies around the country and around the world. Aspiring to connect more authentically and personally with her people, Anne recognized the importance of storytelling - blending the personal and professional dimensions of leadership - and that’s how she became a blogger. 


Her weekly internal blog was voted by employees as AT&T’s best blog for nine consecutive years. The incredible encouragement and feedback from the people she touched prompted her to begin sharing her thoughts externally through various social platforms and other forms of media. In November, 2020, her first book, co-authored with Pamela Fuller and Mark Murphy, The Leader’s Guide to Unconscious Bias, was published with great success and reception and continues to help leaders courageously improve their performance while more effectively connecting with their teams. Anne continues to harness her experiences and insights to help others through her written work that spans various formats, including leadership workshops and training. Her thought leadership continues to be featured in diverse media outlets such as: Fortune, Huffington Post, MarketWatch, Chief Executive Magazine, and USA Today.

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The Leader's Guide to Unconscious Bias

by Pamela Fuller, Mark Murphy and Anne Chow 

“To be human is to have bias. If you were to say, “I don’t have bias”, you’d be saying your brain isn’t functioning properly!”...Introduction from The Leader’s Guide to Unconscious Bias. Published in November, 2020, this best selling book outlines a four-part framework to help leaders from all walks of life by building skills to lead more inclusively and create a culture where everyone can contribute. A 2020 Porchlight Business Book award winner and 2020 Outstanding Works of Literature (OWL) award winner, the book is also featured on, a creative learning platform for individuals and teams that helps readers “engage with content in meaningful ways.”


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