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Servant Leadership

Servant leaders are those who strive to serve the people around them as a primary goal — it’s a defining trait that I admire and certainly the kind of leader I've worked to embody throughout the course of my three-plus decade career.

I believe that we’re the happiest when we’re helping others. And when we’re happy, our odds of being successful are also much greater. 👉🏽 Here are some leadership tips based on my own experiences that you can incorporate into your everyday interactions:

✅Listening. Really listening.

✅Being in the moment, with no distractions.

✅Empathizing, putting yourself in other people’s shoes.

✅Engaging to understand. Be what/who they need.

✅Supporting and enabling without taking control.

✅Energizing and believing in people; boosting their confidence to help them unleash their greatness from within.

Have you worked with any amazing servant leaders in your career? What made them so amazing? Also, if you have any helpful advice on how embrace this philosophy, please share. ♥️

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